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\___ This is an automatic and lucrative panel public traffic light for everybody not a altruist private human warning personal to personal !

The Big malpractice : say YES or GO !

sub-title lat. " vagus "
sub title engl. "fair play"
sous titre fr. "abandonner"

"decoder n'est pas forcement comprendre, mais expliquer c'est faire comprendre" ©

All these term of use (in less diplomatic term : my own law !) from these PUBLIC sofware INDUSTRIAL compagnies/newspapers... with long descriptions for promote image about their commercial entreprises with free cost or new software or long descriptions of definitions are a kind of abuse by force owed has one be short of will knowingly deliberate by repetitive concentration use from PERSONAL and individual, it force to fix attention , it discourages by forcing in abandon any privileges of your willing or mental defence to said a quick yes without real and consciously agreement in the reality, and most of time for push your time to be free than read boring and juridic protection too !

for instance the french newspapers l'équipe has 3988 words and Intel 5750 words in their term of use ( a minimum of 20 and 40 minutes for read these 10 and 20 pages for the generation 30-50)

Today mr pascal thuillier-charmet want explicitly, directly and really denounce this force approach to signed contract agreement from an individual person ! Where is the compatibility of good agreement for a legal contrat in GOOD CONDITIONS WITHOUT MORAL FORCE, WITHOUT ABUSE of physical concentration and lost control of energy in reading too much time and longer with a force elevation to understanding ? Like if everybody was a perfect specialist in company law or a senior professor of right then after change completly of subject for use a software it's not a concret, realistic approach for everybody because when i come for use a free software or an account registration i don't want or i can't be a communication professional specialist , it's not my first willing, it's a constraint against my original willing or choice : use a software or open an account ! my willing is not to give some concessions because it's a gratis software or account like in some pictures ''phishing''.

It's not really fine and for me with my experience it's an force abuse of design life from PUBLIC professional to individual and sometimes minor person not a senior professor of right .

And if a real scientific study with 1000 persons prove and give than more 45 % really read with a good understanding these long precaution term of use before any soft use/registration account i will change my mind about this abuse in force where the goal is more : ''ok ! ok ! i abandon to read and give trust in your writing without real understanding, let's go for use this software or open an account '', than a real agreement.

I want to add that is not a pure formality of ''usage'' because most entreprise don't do any effort for show their specificity (font, link ... ) and decharge them any responsabilities about what they made/build like if a seller of cars could said ''maybe works, maybe not works, try it , that not my problems, i can't guarantee nothing " ! so, it's not a notice for how use the product too !

This kind of read in force with a goal of abandon is a abuse of ''trick'' for push the button of submission : ''yes, i agree !'' like a absolut international perfect robot of understanding without realistic legal law where specificity is underline.

sincerely a real man for a real living planet.

Monsieur thuillier-charmet
enquiries/comments/suggestion ...

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"L'auteur a droit au respect de son nom, de sa qualité et de son oeuvre. Ce droit est attaché à sa personne.
Il est perpétuel, inaliénable et imprescriptible....
Article L121-1

Ainsi qu'un "droit de propriété incorporelle exclusif et opposable à tous" extrait Art L111-1

pour le NC :
"L'auteur détermine le procédé de divulgation et fixe les conditions de celle-ci. "   ici non commercial  Article L121-2

et pour le ND :

Toute représentation ou reproduction intégrale ou partielle faite sans le consentement de l'auteur ou de ses ayants droit ou ayants cause est illicite  Article L122-4