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............... The spirit of this personal web site want to be Nominatif , Incessible,Incommutable, Inalienable and Concomitant from responsables and reals individuals (no representatives) persons only , if you don’t agree don’t access it , and refuse to see more.

............... L'esprit de ce site personnel se veut d'etre Nominatif , Incessible,Incommutable, Inalienable et Concomitant d'individus réels et responsables (non representés) exclusivement , si vous n'etes pas d'accord , n'accéder pas à ce site et refuser le avec le bouton "I REFUSE"

Nominatif means no anonymously in other words this web site is from Mr Thuillier-charmet .
Incommutable means can't be attribuated to an other person, in other words it's exclusivity of Mr thuillier-charmet
Incessible means no tranferable in other word no design or no assimilate to an other things.
Inalienable means no taken away, unable to be remove in other words has his own identity and cannot be sell
Concomitant means on same moment, simultaneously in other words "no disassembled with the time use ."

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